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Black and White Photography in the Digital Age

New book by Ray Spence and Tony Worobiec published in May 2007. The book covers all aspects of producing high quality digital monochrome images. From the use of Raw files to conversion to monochrome using a variety of techniques, Ray and Tony use their own highly distinctive imagery to inspire potential digital black and white workers.


Far from spelling the end of black-and-white photography, digital techniques have made many creative processes easier - this is the book that helps devotees of black-and-white photography move into the digital age. The digital revolution has made the experience of producing prints quicker and cleaner, but tends to assume that you are always dealing with colour photographs. This book explains how black-and-white photography is not only possible using digital technology but actually allows greater flexibility and creativity than ever before. It covers the basics of scanning, manipulation and printing, and also demonstrates some of the more advanced techniques that can be achieved in the digital darkroom.


- 1 Software and desktop
- 2 Input
- 3 Printing for permanence
- 4 Basic manipulation
- 5 Toning and colouring monochrome
- 6 More advanced skills
- Index.

AUTHOR: Ray Spence and Tony Worobiec

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